Also if you look at the demo on the FZip homepage, the browser caches the file at least here on Windows. The code is not tested very well it works for me but may not work for you and has no ASDocs yet, so i release it as an alpha version, with the hope of massive bug feedback.. Having zero understanding of what a checksum is I am not able to get FZip working for me. Not sure if that’s related, but a small note: Hope that helps someone out. Thanks for using FZip! FZip in action script 3.

deng fzip

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Anyway thank again, great work, this is an invaluable tool I can use right away on all of my current projects!

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I am working with Flex Builder 3 building an adobe air app. However I’ve seen myself some flash games in alpha testing that consumed over 2GB of memory and still ran well.

NOOB, You want version 2. Also, the input for ByteArray. Note that I have zero knowledge about python so any terms for that you use will not make any sense to me.


As for the loading files, serializing into ByteArray, feeding that to FZip and writing out the generated ZIP file, yes, you are supposed to program that. I need to load a zip file from the local filesystem in AIR. Now when you try and read in the files from the. URLRequest function is synchronous,not asynchronous. Sign up using Facebook.

FZip Alpha Release: Create And Modify ZIP Archives | w3blog

Thanks again and sorry to need hand-holding. You want version 2. This is enormously useful. I am working with OSX. I just want to say that this is a fantastic bit of kit, especially when combined with air. I found that fzip. Yes the new API extensions changed a bit as you noticed the blog post is a bit out of sync here. Your sample code above more or less works, once you change the smart quotes back to regular quotes and remove the parameter null from the line, zip.

This is no longer true for the not yet really officially released latest version i hope. One technique as I got that create a new zip, copy and merge all old and new files and replace the older zip. I then ran zfip zip file through your python script which only outp uts the following: What version of python, where do I put the script and the. For the sake of this example, put a copy of the python fixer tool included in FZip under tools on your Desktop, along with a folder of files you want to zip up.


Is there a way to use FZip with a local zip file? If I extract a file deny the OS or any tools the file permissions are maintained.

deng fzip

Active 6 years, 1 month ago. Creative Magic Creative Magic 2, 1 1 gold badge 16 16 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges. Is there any specific technique to handle the situation? Oh, never mind, I must have downloaded fip older version by mistake.

Not sure if that’s related, but a small note: Hope that helps someone out.

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That sounds like an app unto itself… am I supposed to program that? Turned out zipping folders was pretty straight forward: Having zero understanding of what a checksum is I am not able to get FZip working for me.

deng fzip

You saved my day!