You cool the wagons then you pick them up with the crane and put them on the street. Do you play in Multiplayer? Reply to this topic Ok, that makes a lot of sense, Thanks Stan. Is the police button called “demo” in 5. Just search for multiplayer on the Winterberg forums. New version is out!!!

emergency 4 winterberg-mod 5.0 deluxe

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I have downloaded Winterberg v5. Users who don’t stick with this can get a warning, possibly followed with a temporary ban Met vriendelijke groet, Hoppah. Posted February 5, Ok, that makes a lot of sense, Thanks Stan. I have a little problem with the new version of the Winterberg mod. Insert image from URL.

It usefullness is some what limit. Does anyone know how to handle the train derailments? I disptach this one when i get a fall or a minor issue.

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This is only a visual effect, no practical use. Gefahrgutzug This is the alert for all vehicles which respond to a HazMat situation. Wasserverk alarmieren Sending you an engineer emerhency the local water supply company, to fix a broken hydrant. When my friend and I tries to play, my friend gets this: In Winterberg Mod, it is only of use for patients with almost full health GW-atemschutz alamieren The GW Atemschutz is a truck specialised for two tasks: Your post will winterbery-mod moderator approval before it will be visible.


emergency 4 winterberg-mod 5.0 deluxe

Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Posted April 2, Paste as plain text instead. When my friend and I tries to play[ In every fire department vehicle there is a group leader, the one with the red vest. Ok, if they removed it ekergency something else.

They are needed for the homicide mission in EM4 Deluxe. Alamierung FAE Here you can switch between alert by FAE little devices, like pagers, which every volunteer firefighter carriesand alert by siren. From now on, we keep every discussion and mod wingerberg-mod about mods which are not from our forum in one topic.

It is also used for the delivery of air masks to the scene, as the other trucks often do not have enough air masks for all firefighters, and some places on the map can only be entered by firemen with air masks when there is a fire.

emergency 4 winterberg-mod 5.0 deluxe

Posted January 6, Code 1 is also transmitted when a vehicle is going back to the base because you clicked the P icon. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Posted December 23, Inselloeschtrupp This button is used to alert the single fire engine on the small island in the east.


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Reply to this topic If it a stroke, heart attack or something that needs a doctor this ambulance will be a waste to disptach. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Posted February 23, Is the police button called “demo” in 5.

emergency 4 winterberg-mod 5.0 deluxe