Customize your favourite chart graphics. Another commonly used case is the accusative case. Comic character portrait drawing draw art ink inking sketch sketch comic comicart lineart. Language , Vocabulary Tags: Nothing life threatening but stuff the was making my life and activities really difficult. They seem trustworthy and that is the main reason why they prosper. Wow thank you so very much, you explain things so well.

horuca krv 34

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Famous people born on September 30th Tomorrow.

This is why I really admire anyone who manages to learns to speak a Slavic language. Rat Wood Chinese horoscope. At first glance, appears to be calm, serene and cheerful, but appearances are deceiving.

This was for my cat-lover aunt to her birthday. So to pick the right endings, you first need to know which case the noun is in. I made present T-shirt for you! On Twitter or Facebook?


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May 25, at 1: Finally, adjectives also change endings based on the noun they are modifying. Rat has charm, extraordinary aggression and belligerence. Some characters from my digital sketchbook drawing comic art sketching sketch draw comicart. Wow thank you so very much, you explain things so well.

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Thursday, November 26, Categories: Thursday, November 26, Famous people born on September 29th Today. August 13, at 6: Soda is also good. Lrv are creative and original, and they have a good imagination.

horuca krv 34

For such a small country we have a large number of dialects and pronunciation may vary to a large degree. Behind all this lies a constant internal movement and deliberately cultivated aggressiveness. Hopefully was a good year for you all.

horuca krv 34

Inking muse draw drawing art sketching ink sketch comic comicart lineart inking boceto characterdesign. March 10, at 4: And what about you, Lucia?

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This is really a question for a linguist to answer. Website link to your site, optional. They like harmony and beauty. So malinovka is pronounced as if written malinouka. Basically the adjective needs to agree in gender with the noun.


Ash people are tough, ambitious and very capable. Some lines portrait draw drawing art sketching ink sketch comic comicart lineart inking boceto. This work is fantastic!

Anketa OTO 2012 pozná víťazov. Marcel Merčiak absolútny OTO

Famous people born on September 30th Tomorrow. The Fir people are very hardworking and talented, endowed with cool beauty and dignity. But their boorish behavior hides original thoughts and intelligence.