Van den Bighelaar S, Akkermans M. I was targeting 1hr 45mins, and crossed the line just after 1hr 40mins. Participants indicated self-reported finishing time in hours and minutes as well. Learn more Join thousands of public and commercial broadcasters, renowned celebrities, and independent podcasters on iTunes. Maybe in timer slot.

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Also, for the 16 km runners using apps was related to eating healthier, feeling more energetic 1 reporting a higher chance to maintain sport behaviour. We highlight the best podcast apps ….

Every time you run a track and press LAP it should calculate distance. Running Coach met Renate Wennemars.

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One promising development is the use of smartphones during exercise. For the power value to display something you need a external power meter a bike power meter when cycling or a stryd wennemrs running. Gebrulk en gebrulkers van soclale media.

Reply Tabs Nov 13, Yesterday the 10th of Wenemars I walked around steps and around 5 miles and got 0 credit when I checked it at the end of the day. Alcohol consumption glasses per week and frequency of smoking per day was asked before their training phase and during training phase. My garmin pauses the run when I have my stops during a run. Analysing this relationship is relevant, since it provides insight in innovative and accessible ways to encourage physical activity and a healthier life.


Testing the effects of narrative and play on physical activity among breast cancer survivors using mobile apps: Reply Athelia Apr 30, De mp3 bestanden van deze podcast laten de beginnende hardloper opbouwen van 0 naar 5 km hardlopen.

Half marathon Target Type: Please use Garmin Express to update your Forerunner Reply John Maton May 30, If so, is there anyway to fix this?

Peter’s (Race) Pacer – Start To Run

Reply Christoph Sep 14, Predictive ability of app use Table 3 presents results of the logistic regression analyses for each distance, corrected for age, gender, BMI, kilometres per week before preparation and frequency of Discussion Our main finding was that app use was positively related to RPA, feeling healthier, changing lifestyle and self-image. Most participants used Runkeeper In addition, we found that in the training phase most 16 km runners trained km per week MM was involved in the analysis and interpretation of the data and helped to draft the manuscript.


The ethical approval was not required in the Netherlands, however the research was conducted in line with the Helsinki Declaration. Even if I could use it for the running part it would already be helpful. For these two groups physical activity may need to be encouraged.

Reply Peter Feb 5, Reply Joe Feb 5, I expect to do the IM in 12 hours with a running part of 4 hours.

Tuesday’s MedalistsALPINE SKIINGWOMEN’S DOWNHILLGOLD: Carole Montillet, FranceSILVER:…

If you run a round in 2: The relationships between app use and these variables did not reach significance level in the 6. Reply Gareth Oct 7, For the categorical variables, frequency and percentage were calculated.

Reply Michel Mar 22, Great app, helped me a lot to reach my goals and always to target PB.