Unlike Flying Pigs, Moas can jump an unlimited amount of times and even jump in mid-air! Valkyries are peaceful unless provoked. They can only jump once. These three levels are bronze, silver and gold. The bosses in these dungeons cannot be harmed using swords and projectiles.

shockahpi 1.0.0

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The installation for this mod is much more complicated and time consuming than normal mods. Become a Werewolf with this Mod 1. Wild Moas cannot be tamed, but they will drop eggs.

shockahpi 1.0.0

Gold Dungeons are the hardest to beat and hold some of the best items in the Aether Mod. These peaceful birds can be found in black, white, and blue.

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Instead, they must be defeated using a pickaxe. Once the eggs are incubated, the baby Moas can be fed Aechor Petals. Cockatrices will shoot poisonous needles that deal huge damage.

A fair warning though, not every chest is how it seems. Silver Dungeons are harder than Bronze Dungeons and thus hold better rewards.

Mod: Add a New Dimension to Minecraft with the Aether Mod (1.0.0)

They need a total of seven to grow up, but they can and will refuse the leaves. But if you lay in a bed in the Aether it blows up. Flying pigs can be flown with a saddle without being tamed. Posted in Uncategorized 5 comments. The bosses in these dungeons cannot be harmed using swords and projectiles. Once you 1.0.0 the Aether, you will notice that there are new mobs that you probably do not recognize.


But the treasure found in these is still very good. Once they are fully grown, they can be tamed by placing a saddle on their back.

shockahpi 1.0.0

You need to figure out how to beat him once you meet him. They can only jump once.

These creatures are one of the few dangerous mobs in the Aether, but only when attacked first. This beautiful dimension is largely peaceful even at night. One day shockahpj the Aether is three days on the surface.

Each dungeon will have bosses that need to be defeated in order to get the loot. Designed by Elegant Themes Powered by WordPress.

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The next mob you will encounter is the Moa. This includes 8 entirely new slots that can be used to equip rings, pendants, gloves, capes, and more. I agree with Jack this is an amazing mod but i wish i would have read his comment before i tried to use my sjockahpi in the aether T. I would recommend following this video made by shocckahpi third party: Aerwhales can be found flying the in the horizon during the day. They are completely harmless.


These eggs can then be incubated with an Incubator Block with Ambrosium Torches for fuel. These dungeons are found in floating hills with Golden Oaks on top. This boss cannot be killed with any item in the game. The bronze dungeon is the easiest and lowest form of dungeon in the Aether.